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MOC Results 2009

Discussion in 'Results - Tournaments' started by admin, Feb 28, 2009.

  1. admin

    admin Administrator Administrator

    Mar 18, 2006
    Will scan brackets shortly...here are place winners.

    Timberlane 237.50
    Concord 138.00
    Pinkerton 107.00
    Tie for 4th Winnacunnet and Exeter 49.00

    Tanner Burke PINK
    Mike Trask MER
    Zach Bridson TIM
    Pat Terrin NS
    Josh Medeiros PEL
    Carleton Kleinscrodt WM

    Bob Daniels CON
    Zachary Hicks SAL
    Marty Perkins HB
    Alex Cronin MER
    James Chase Lon
    Nate Williams PLY

    Matt Morris TIM
    Victor Peters WIN
    Jeff Cole OR
    Dylan Schultze SOU
    John Hall CON
    PJ Nesbitt NN

    Cam Sullivan TIM
    James Herlihy PIN
    Dominic Farrar KEE
    Mike Perruccio PEL
    Mark Posnick NN
    Joe Maio LON

    Alex Smith TIM
    David Owens PIN
    Cole Priddy CON
    Chriss Scott EXE
    Sean Mooney MER
    Kirby Holmes GOF

    David Clemons TIM
    Jared Crain WES
    Mike James SPA
    Brandon Paige CON
    Brett Pittera SAL
    Sean Kelley WIN

    Colin Crowell PIN
    Nick Lawrence TIM
    Nick Poulin CON
    Casey Barney PLY
    Max Fatello WIN
    Michael Peret SOU

    Ian Beck PIN
    Dylan Lockard TIM
    Jon Porter ALV
    Steve Murphy HB
    Richard Frati SAN
    Matt Sullivan WIN

    Cody Byrd LON
    Seth Grimes MEM
    Nick Scali TIM
    Mike Sullivan WIN
    Tyler Lott SOU
    Mark Riddinger PEL

    Kyle Gaffney ST
    Derek Bisson CON
    Nate Lawrence TIM
    Alex Duff EXE
    Sam Kent KEE
    Earl Brady WM

    Eric Petrillo TIM
    Sean Coughlin NN
    Steve Comtois SAL
    Bobby Deregon NFD
    Zach Duffey ST
    Chris Daniels EXE

    Jeremiah Grisa CON
    Jonathan Kilgore MIL
    Dylan Ryan EXE
    Jake Bissell PLY
    Jon Miller WES
    Nick Francoeur GOF

    Mike Grilakis NS
    Ian Wedemeyer BOW
    Steve Dwight MEM
    Peter LaBreck PLY
    Ben Tammany TIM
    Matt Fortuna WIN

    Brian Nicoll TIM
    Tom Foote GOF
    Dan Herrick CON
    Matt Kaplan FRK
    Matt Myers MIL
    Jeremy Bryant MEM
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2009
  2. Maple Grove

    Maple Grove Well-Know Member Blog User

    Jan 23, 2004
    MOC 2009 Final Team Scores (Londonderry, 2/28/09)

    *OW was Cam Sullivan - Timberlane 125

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  3. admin

    admin Administrator Administrator

    Mar 18, 2006
  4. myopinion

    myopinion Well-Know Member Registered

    Nov 16, 2005
    Little fun fact I learned after the tournament... Cam Sullivan was given the OW 30 years to the day that his father, Chris Sullivan, was awarded the OW at States in NH... not sure if the 'to the day' part is accurate, but that's what I heard from the family.. pretty cool.
  5. Maple Grove

    Maple Grove Well-Know Member Blog User

    Jan 23, 2004
    Cam certainly was deserving of the OW Award at MOCs this year. After a tough D1 Finals bout with Herlihy, to come back and pin him at MOCs was outstanding, and this in a loaded weight class, too!

    There were several other kids that earned consideration:
    103 Tanner Burke - Pinkerton (upsetting Bridson in the semis)
    112 Bob Daniels - Concord (walked through his bracket)
    119 Matt Morris - Timberlane (did what was expected in winning one of the deepest weights)
    130 Alex Smith - Timberlane (so dominant he doesn't get noticed anymore!)
    135 Dave Clemens - Timberlane (another masterful performance in a very strong field)
    140 Colin Crowell - Pinkerton (reversing last week's OT loss to Nick Lawrence)
    145 Ian Beck - Pinkerton (did anyone notice how he breezed through?)
    152 Cody Byrd - Londonderry (see comments about Alex Smith: still undefeated)
    160 Kyle Gaffney - St. Thomas (looking more like Mike Moran on his feet all the time!)
    171 Eric Petrillo - Timberlane (2 first period pins and a tech fall)
    189 Jeremiah Grisa - Concord (beating an undefeated, unscored upon Jonathan Kilgore 5-3)
    215 Mike Grillakis - Nashua South (dominated his weight class; undefeated and may win New Englands)
    285 Brian Nicoll - Timberlane (with 4 of the best heavyweights in New England, won in UTB)

    So I named all the other Champions! I think NH is in great shape going to New Englands! Well done to all.
  6. mrvinny

    mrvinny Well-Know Member Registered

    Dec 19, 2002
    For what it's worth here is my two cents on the MOC's

    103- Obvious surprise with Bridson losing- Burke has clearly improved and they both have bright futures
    112- Daniels dominates a weak weight class
    119 Morris dominates a strong weight class- Nice recovery by Jeff Cole from a hard loss to Schultze the week before to qualify for NE's
    125 OW for Sullivan sums it up
    130 Total domination by Smith in another strong weight class. I think he is one of NH's best chances to bring home a title next weekend. Classy move by Coach
    Chooljian to come over and congratulate Cole Priddy and Coach Munnell after Priddy took 3rd for a trip to CT
    135 This was the biggest surprise to me
    1. Clemens dominating Paige
    2. Crain beating James
    3. Paige does not qualify for NEs
    140 Lawrence's defensive approach to takedowns hurt him in the last period. Very tough loss by Poulin in the Semis
    145 Beck sails through weak weight class
    152 Byrd- see Beck and 145
    160 Better than expected showing by Bisson in the finals
    171 Petrillo head and shoulders above the class
    189 Very interesting Finals. Kilgore was quick and athletic but seemed to run out of steam. Nice job by Grisa to keep pushing
    215 Grilakis- another NH wrestler with excellent shot at NE title
    275. Great job by Nicol and how can you not love Tom Foote. I think this is the one weight class where all 3 NH wrestlers have a chance at placing ( and winning) next weekend
  7. turk189

    turk189 Guest

    Wow is Wedenmyer the first person to take Grilakis all three periods this year?
  8. mrvinny

    mrvinny Well-Know Member Registered

    Dec 19, 2002
    Definitely agreer with Turk on Wedemeyer. Not only did he last but he made Grilakis work
  9. scotsman1

    scotsman1 Well-Know Member Blog User

    Apr 16, 2007
    Foote looses his first match of the season. gives 100% looses a heart breaker and stands up smiles shakes Nicols hand and walks off the mat. He handled himself like a champ. He had a lot of class. Perfect pick for the sportsmanship award and some of the others wrestlers need to learn a lesson from him.
    I dont know him but he seems like a great kid. I was impressed.

    I still think to many kids suck to much weight and rely on loosing water weight instead of sensible eating.This was evident in many of the medal matches where the gas tank was empty going into the 3rd period. No idea if Sullivan sucks weight but he moves up from 103 to 125 and wins the title over a 125 NE placer from last year. I wont mention names but a few kids i know very well i thought physically looked like hell. Way to much weight loss.
  10. mrvinny

    mrvinny Well-Know Member Registered

    Dec 19, 2002
    Scotsman and I have been in agreement on this for a long time
    It's just hard to get into the heads of kids sucking weight- It's not making weight it's keeping it. Unfortunatley I saw that lesson the hard way years ago with my brother in NY who was a stud but who just gave out losing weight and losing to kids who didn't belong on the mat with him . It's a lesson I never forgot

    If you are having trouble making weight early on--- eat right and move up

    I also saw several wrestlers who who looked completely drained by MOC's.. and that doesn't include those who didn't make weight

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